H. Benzon, United States of America
PDF So you want to publish papers on pain management?
PDF Teaching pain
PDF Preventative analgesia to improve postoperative pain control

N. Bogduk, Australia

PDF  On the definitions of back pain, referred pain and radicular pain
PDF Whiplash and whiplash-associated disorders: an evidence based approach
PDF Anatomy and pathophysiology of neck pain
PDF Complications of epidural steroid injection
PDF Degenerative joint disease of the spine

J. Breel, The Netherlands

PDF Specialist pain nurse assistance for epidural electrostimulation

K.J. Chin, Canada

PDF Spinal anatomy

J. van Dijk, The Netherlands

PDF Postoperative pain assessment from 0 to 10

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PDF Pharmacological exploration of the role of Acid-Sensing Ion Channels in the pain pathway
PDF Treating pain with snake peptides / How animal venoms help to understand pain

J. Downing, Uganda

PDF Pediatric pain management in palliative care

S. Eldabe, United Kingdom

PDF Complications of intrathecal analgesic drug delivery
PDF Complications of epidural electrostimulation

C. Gauci, United Kingdom

PDF Complications of interventional pain management

N. Harden, United States of America

PDF CRPS/RSD diagnosis/pathophysiology and "conservative" treatment

V. Hoffmann, The Netherlands

PDF Acute pain management
PDF Setting up an Acute Pain Service (APS)
PDF Acute Pain Service (APS) in morbid obese patients

J. Jacobs-van Leur, The Netherlands

PDF Pain care in palliative settings, role of the specialist pain nurse

J. Loeser, United States of America

PDF Pain, suffering and narrative medicine
PDF Loeser: model of pain and suffering
PDF Interventional therapies, surgery and interdisciplinary rehabilitation for low back pain: an evidence-based clinical practice guideline
PDF Evening lecture: Pain practice part 1
PDF Evening lecture: Pain practice part 2

J. Marston, South Africa

PDF Pediatric palliative care in the developing world

J. Van Meirhaeghe, Belgium

PDF Vertebral augmentation procedures for osteoporotic fractures

E. Michiels, The Netherlands

PDF Incidence and prevalence of acute -, established - and chronic pain in children with cancer

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PDF Transition from acute – to chronic pain: how to reduce the risk
PDF When pain persists: a meaningful life despite chronic pain
PDF Moving forward from aspecific towards specific low back pain diagnoses
PDF Pharmacotherapy of chronic low back pain & the relevance of neuropathic components

N. Moumen

PDF Oral NO-SPA (drotaverine) in daily practice Management of Spasmodic Abdominal Pain. International descriptive cross-sectional and longitudinal registry under conditions of daily practice.

J. Robinson, United States of America

PDF Pain management in older adults
PDF Managing patient expectations about an interdisciplinary pain clinic

M. Sluijter, Switzerland

PDF The expanding field of pain medicine and the pain specialist

O. Soyannwo, Nigeria

PDF Infrastructure for managing acute -, chronic - and cancer pain in Nigeria
PDF Interventional pain treatment for pain relief in Africa – is it possible?

L. Stearns, United States of America

PDF Management of chronic pain in patients diagnosed with cancer
PDF Intrathecal analgesic drug delivery and utilization for cancer pain
PDF Preventing complications

A. van Wijck, The Netherlands

PDF Herpes zoster acuta pain treatment
PDF Intrathecal glucocorticoids for neuropathic pain
PDF Clinical reasoning