Congress city

Must see
Leaving the Central Station immediately reveals the intriguing character of this city. Architecture, design, light which is embedded in everyday life in a special way, culture and innovation. Nothing in this city is middle of the road or predictable. And, everything lies within walking distance, like the five nightlife areas where all other places of interest too are to be found. Shopping is an experience in itself. Large, modern shopping centers with well known brands and names and countless small boutiques with quirky fashion and accessories. Eindhoven was able to grow as a ‘Philips town’. The monumental industrial buildings have gotten a new destination.

From living and workspaces to grand cafes and restaurants, theaters, cultural centers and museums. It goes without saying that new buildings in Eindhoven have a fascinating architectural unpredictability. New areas that are already, or are going to be developed, ooze all the same unique allure which is so typical for Eindhoven. Like a restaurant where you cannot just eat, but also buy vintage stuff. Where students from the famous Design Academy designed the furniture and other things. Large Philips compounds which are now open to the public are the incubators where an interesting mix of design, culture and art, living and working takes place. But, nature is also never far away in Eindhoven.

Adjacent to the center you will find the Genneper Parken, a piece of genuine farmland with cows, pastures, a farmhouse, an outdoor museum and trails. The country version of Central Park. Without a doubt you’ll want to see the Philips Stadium and the DAF Museum where astonishment and admiration are unavoidable. All that exists nowadays could only be made possible because of that one tiny Philips light bulb factory in 1891, which has been turned into a museum. Eindhoven takes great pride in her origins which evolved around innovation, techniques and design. And to this day this still defines Eindhoven and all she does and represents. Eindhoven intrigues and inspires.

Eindhoven has to keep her cultural reputation up to par. And so she does. Numerous galleries, museums and art centers offer more than ‘just’ art. The collections in the Temporary Art Centre and MU show a totally different way of art being integrated in everyday life. The Krabbedans shows unique, challenging art and lends it out too. You’re not the typical museum visitor? The solution for this is the Vijf Minuten Museum, the Five Minute Museum. Once you’ve been there, you want to see more, guaranteed! The Van Abbemuseum harbors a trove of famous names in contemporary art and due to her art policy; she is one of the leading museums in Europe! The bonus is that you can have a great lunch there with views on the small river Dommel. Galleries with quirky, wayward art are to be found all over Eindhoven. This goes for theater and music too: Parktheater, Muziekgebouw Frits Philips, de Effenaar and Plaza Futura offer interesting programs year round.

Eindhoven is a shopper’s paradise. Whether you are looking for the big, international brands or prefer the whimsical creations in the smaller boutiques: you will find what you are looking for. Absolutely! You find dozens of shops under one roof in the Admirant, in the Heuvel Galerie and of course in Piazza Center, where you can run into special events. In all those places you’ll find the well known brands. For more unique ready-to-wear and shoes you should visit De Bergen, also known as the Quartier Vivant, which says it all. Fashion and galleries, and sometimes a combination of those two. A nice excuse is that in that way shop¬ping becomes a cultural experience… But you can also shop till you drop in the numerous other shopping streets.

Eindhoven is synonymous with culinary delights. Here you’ll not only find a Michelin star restaurant and honest lunchrooms, but literary everything in between. Enjoying a quiet lunch right at the river Dommel in the Van Abbemuseum of maybe you prefer the creative, innovative vibe of film house De Zwarte Doos (The Black Box) on the campus of the TU/e. Four of the five nightlife areas of Eindhoven offer a vast choice to everybody’s taste. Genuine Brabant Glamour is to be found in De Bergen where most diners and restaurants have back gardens. The Wilhelminaplein harbors several highly appraised restaurants for the connoisseur and at the Markt it will be difficult to choose between the restaurants and grand cafes with attractive outdoor terraces. The Dommelstraat has a totally different outlook due to the exotic kitchens and outdoor cafés. Pop podium the Effenaar in this area has a waterfront diner. The Smalle Haven has a similar named intriguing design/vintage restaurant annex shop where the cook prepares a special meal for every guest.

In Eindhoven nightlife has become an Art. For every age group and taste there are bars, cafes and pubs. Five nightlife areas with each a scene of its own but all in walking distance from each other. That is the beauty of nightlife in Eindhoven. The Stationskwartier (map B nr. 74), with the Stationsplein en the Dommelstraat, offers a divers choice of bars where you often can have something to eat as well, just like in the grand cafes at the Markt. Around and at the Wilhelminaplein are numerous pubs often with live music, which are inhabited by diehards and old rockers who frequent these places for years and years. De Bergen is more of an upscale area for the yuppies; 30-somethings who come here for a drink after work and end up on the dance floor of a grand cafe. The Stratumseind is home for the youth. It is the longest pub street in the Netherlands: 225 meters long with over 50 cafes that are open almost day and night.