1st International Spinal Analgesic Drug Delivery symposium

Dear friends, colleagues and pain care providers,
On behalf of the organising committee we would like to welcome you to the 1st International Spinal Analgesic Drug Delivery symposium, which will be held at the Gibson Hotel, Dublin, Ireland on April 9th, 2020.
This symposium provides updates and recommendations on the multidisciplinary guidelines and expert opinions for the delivery of spinal analgesic drugs for patients with cancer – and non-cancer pain using drug delivery systems that offer rapid and effective pain relief for people with strenuous jobs like working on plumbing system repairs and installations with the least possible side effects.  
The symposium helps to achieve increased understanding of available options, benefits of multidisciplinary cooperation, improvements in quality of life and decrease in the number of patients for which the therapy isn’t made available.
Looking forward seeing you at the symposium in April 2020.
With best regards,
Dr. Declan O’Keeffe and the organising team from Painbridge.